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FSS Graduate Stories


Below are a few stories, experiences and comments from our Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) graduates. These stories show the ups and downs but most importantly the successes of these individuals, and their words are inspirational!


"I write this letter with tears flowing from my eyes. Tears of pure joy Hallelujah yes! I started with FSS broken and helpless. I knew I wanted a change for me and my family but didn't know where to start. With so many obstacles before me my main question was "Where do I start"? My credit wasn't good I wasn't able to obtain a stable job because of past mistakes. Life was throwing bricks at me and you know what.... I used those bricks are started building my future. I was able to get my record sealed. I was able to establish good credit. I received my Associates in Human Services. I'm employed with a wonderful organization and I have money saved. Who knew? I would like to thank Flora for crying with me and just being there with an open heart and ear. Flora believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. The saying goes "You get out of life what you put in" .... I put in work and I can stand proud and say that work has paid off. Thank you DuPage Housing Authority, Thank you Family Self-Sufficiency (Flora Spencer-Turcios), Thank you DuPage Home ownership. Most of all I thank myself for using the resources that was made available to me. I can now say as I always have......... Your possibilities are endless." -Anonymous, June 2020 Graduate