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Employee Directory





Andrew Petrulakis

Data Integrity Analyst I 630.593.8203

April Wisch

Program Lead, Portability 630.593.8210

Brian Barry

Portfolio Manager 630.593.8212

Bryant Lee

Controller 630.593.8227

Candice Vaughn

Program Lead, Occupancy 630.593.8220

Cristine Diaz

Program Lead, Kendall/RHSP 630.593.8218
Dan Moore Inspector, Dept. of Asset Mgmt. 630.593.8222
Dominque Jordan Program Lead, Contracts/Leasing 630.593.8228
Gail Winfield

Program Coordinator, Wait  List/Intake 630.593.8211
Isabel Diaz Program Specialist, Contracts/Leasing 630.593.8204

Jerry Lowman

Inspector, Dept. of Asset Management (630) 593.8221
Kristin Sartore Manager, Office of Asset Mgmt. 630.593-8208
Malinda Smith Manager, Office of Program Management 630.593.8202
Margaret McCoy Human Resources 630.593.8216
Mario Carrasco Manager, Office of Procurement & Contracts 630.593.8206
Morgan Witt Program Specialist, Occupancy 630.593.8215
Nadya Reusche Finance Coordinator 630.593.8230
Nida Fatima Program Specialist, Occupancy 630.593.8219
Ozury Cruz Program Specialist, Occupancy 630.593.8223
Pearlenea Newton Receptionist   630.690.3555
Polly Kenny Program Specialist, Occupancy 630.593.8225
Randy Ridgeway Program Lead, Dept. Asset Mgmt. 630.593.8205
Sandra Rosario Program Specialist, Occupancy 630.593.8224
Scott Lamantia Program Specialist,  Occupancy/RHSP 630.593.8229
Shaquille Artis RFTA Specialist, Dept. Asset Mgmt. 630.593.8214
Susan Martin Exec. Admin. Assistant 630.593.8207