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For all Applicants accepted to the 2019 DHA Housing Choice Voucher Wait List, your position number has been assigned and is now viewable on your My Waiting List Status page.

To view your position number, select the My Waiting List Status button on the Home Page of your online account. Once on the My Waiting Lists page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the My Waiting List Status link to view your position number.

Please note that DHA is currently selecting only those applicants remaining on the 2016 DHA Housing Choice Voucher Wait List, and this will continue to occur for the foreseeable future. Due to low program turnover and no new vouchers being issued by HUD, DHA anticipates that it will not begin selecting applicants from the 2019 DHA Housing Choice Voucher Wait List until after January 2021.

While on the Wait List, if at any time you need to update your application information, log into your Rent Café account and select the Apply or Update Application button to open your application. Proceed through the screens to update any information on your application. Please note that you must proceed through all the screens until the end, where you will be asked to save the updates to your application.