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DHA & KHA Resident Advisory Boards

Resident Advisory Board letter from the Executive Director

January 8, 2021

DuPage and Kendall Housing Authorities are forming the Resident Advisory Board

... and we need YOU!

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) provides DHA, KHA, and all Housing Choice Voucher Program participants with a forum for sharing information about their Annual Plans. Housing Authorities are required to establish a Resident Advisory Board (RAB) as part of their Plan process. RAB membership is comprised of individuals who reflect and represent the program participants assisted by the Housing Authority. The role of the RAB is to assist the Housing Authority in developing their PHA Plan and in making any significant amendment or modification to the Plan.

The main role of the RAB is to make recommendations in the development of the PHA Plan. Housing Authorities are also required to request input from the RAB for any significant amendment or modification to their Administrative Plan.

Residents who volunteer to be part of the RAB can be excellent partners to their Housing Authority during the development of the PHA Plan. Although Housing Authorities are expected to make a significant effort to ensure adequate participant representation on the Resident Advisory Board, securing participation by residents posed a challenge for DHA and KHA.

It has been found that Executive Directors are more likely to get commitments from program participants if we personally request their participation. Participants might also be hesitant to volunteer to work with a Resident Advisory Board if they do not really understand their role as a member of the RAB. DHA and KHA will provide full information to all participants regarding the RAB. That information will inform participants of the purpose and role of the RAB, as well as practical information such as the time commitment required.

If you are interested in volunteering for the RAB, please contact Executive Administrative Assistant Susan Martin at:

Thank you.



Kenneth Coles
Executive Director/CEO DuPage Housing Authority


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